A Primetime with SpectruMed

Posted Apr 07, 2017


Primetime is the most-awaited and most extravagant slot of the day and this is what SpectruMed is aimed to produce, holding an intimate gathering of friends and colleagues from the aesthetic industry at the posh and exclusive The Manila House private club. The event was hosted by Mr. Anthony Pangilian, the celebrity host of The Boardroom on CNN Philippines.

The program started off with an adorable video of doctors showing their love and appreciation for the services SpectruMed provides.


I Love SpectruMed Sizzle Video


This Primetime event is a celebration of many firsts of SpectruMed and Anthony Pangilinan stressed some important unprecedented firsts SpectruMed has achieved over the years in the industry.

“They’ve always been the first to bring the latest technologies in the Philippines. Its owners attended every year, year after year important events and relevant conventions in Europe and the United States and we are able to recognize each time the next hot product which was always adapted by the leading centers in the Philippines.” Pangilinan said.

One of those firsts was the launch of the vaginal tightening laser in the Philippines, FemiLift by Alma Lasers in 2014.

“True, many companies followed the lead of SpectruMed and brought in similar technologies later but SpectruMed was always the first.” He added.

The first part of the show was a fun-filled interview of Anthony Pangilinan with the couple behind the beginnings and success of SpectruMed. The host first asked Doron Glazer, the Chairman of SpectruMed on how he started in the industry and how he went on to start building SpectruMed.

“It was exactly 22 years ago, in March 1995. When I came here I had no idea what laser is. I came here just to work in a trading company and then I heard from a friend about lasers and I went to Bangkok to see a workshop for lasers. And I decided, it’s going to be interesting to try. We had our first workshop, I remember in Far Eastern University for E.E.N.T. doctors and some aesthetic procedures were done there already. Within couple of months, I understood that dermatologists or the aesthetic doctors were much more enthusiastic about technology and that was how we started. That time we were the only ones in the Philippines who brought these technologies to Manila.” Doron narrated.


Cherryl Morano-Glazer, the President and CEO of SpectruMed also shared what inspired her to join the industry and SpectruMed.
“My personal inspiration is not far from my professional inspiration. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years already. Coming from Bacolod, at 21 years-old, a newly graduate of Nursing, my mom always told me: ‘Anak, show your best, be your best and give your best.’ Those words have been in my mind since I started in this industry and that’s why we are here tonight, SpectruMed, the home of the best brands.”

SpectruMed has always been known as the pioneer of many firsts and that night the next big thing in the medical and aesthetic industry was revealed and definitely another first from SpectruMed.

“We try not to sell only boxes. We help the doctors especially with the clinical training. The newest thing we decided to do and we already started it actually months ago, is the establishment of an academy which will give much more assistance to the doctors and I am sure we are going to be the first with this as well.”
Doron Glazer explained.

SpectruMed established the SpectruMed Laser Academy which main goal is to assist the doctors in maintaining the proper clinical care to their patients. The academy has four categories that are slated for the whole year. The first category is the Specialized Laser Training which focuses on the standard way of training the doctors after they purchased the machine. The second category is the Laser 101 which started early this year that offers basic training on different laser machines conducted twice a month at the SpectruMed training center. Laser 101 will help the doctors and clinical staff understand and learn more about laser physics. The third category is the annual Laser Forum with the first one happening on April 27, 2017 at the Manila Polo Club.


SpectruMed Laser Acamedy Teaser Video

“This will be a hub for all the laser experts and laser users. They can share their experiences on a certain product and this will be headed by an international speaker.”
Cherryl Glazer added.

The last category is the most unique among all the categories, the Clinical Staff Support which aims to aid the doctors in getting the qualified nurses for their clinics or centers to bring out the best quality of the services for their patients.

“I mentioned earlier, when I graduated, there was no such thing as Laser Physics in Nursing, and there was no such thing as Laser curriculum. What we aim to do for having the Clinical Staff Support is to provide a course that will enable the Nursing graduates to pursue a career in the aesthetic industry. It can be like an extra edge for the nursing graduates, for all the RNs to get this training and of course, the doctors, the clinics can benefit from these as well.”
She continued.

Lucky winners from the audience were drawn for a number of special prizes of Free Accent Prime treatments and one iPad Mini.

The second part of SpectruMed Primetime was the talk of an international speaker from Spain, Dr. Pablo Naranjo who is a well-respected specialist in the aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. He is the Vice President of Spanish Medical Association of Aesthetic Laser (AEMLE) and the Medical Director of Elite Laser Clinic in Madrid, Spain. He talked about the newest addition to the Accent family of products, the Accent Prime by Alma Lasers, which was the core product of the event. Accent Prime is Alma Laser’s most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.


“This is totally different to the previous versions we had before from Radio Frequency. We can do facial treatments related to skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne scars and wrinkles, but much more important is we can achieve amazing results to the body.” Dr. Naranjo stressed.

“Accent Prime is the first time that the Radio-Frequency is able to destroy the remnants of the cells as proved by histology. Accent Prime has much more higher efficacy than the previous Accent versions and it can treat with less number of sessions delivering long-lasting results.” Dr. Naranjo further added.


The last part of the program was the most-awaited panel discussion with Dr. Pablo Naranjo joined by some representatives from the local aesthetic industry: Dr. Eloi Buse of the Belo Medical Group, Dr. Kristine Castaneda of Radiance Aesthetic Center, Dr. Neil Oropeza of OroDerm Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center, a provincial representation from Davao City and Dr. Z Teo of The Aivee Institute. They all shared their experiences and expertise in the field of body contouring.

The major points discussed during the panel discussion were the over-all landscape of body contouring in the Philippines today and the process of patient selection and management of patient expectations for the cosmetic treatment.



Before Anthony Pangilinan closed the program, he asked some of the guest doctors to give a short message for SpectruMed. One of the firsts to speak was Dr. Vermen Verallo, the Chairman of Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc.

“The thing is, I consider Doron and Cherryl as family. Through the years, we got from them a lot of machines and it’s really fantastic. We’ve grown with it. Basically, what I love about them is the fact that they support us like family,” she said.


“I guess my best advice is under promise and over-delivered. The same thing SpectruMed has with us, they don’t say much but they deliver two-times more than they promised. With the relationship that we have had, I look forward to many more years of happy relationship with your company. And for the Laser Academy, I look forward to that,” said Dr. Giovanni Dimayuga, Dermatologist, Laser and Dermatologic Surgeon.

“I’m so happy that the training center we were doing before is the jumpstart of what they’re doing right now, the SpectruMed Laser Academy. I’m so happy that SpectruMed is pursuing the track of excellence and integrity in their work,” said Dr. Jojo Rivera.

“When it comes to working with a company, I usually look for three things: one is knowledge, second is passion and third is dependability, because I need to know that I can really depend on the company to help my clinics with the machines. Knowledge, because I need to know that they know what they are doing, what they are selling to me, they know exactly what it is all about. Passion is very important because if you have passion on doing something, you can do it well. And I think SpectruMed has all these attributes and we are very happy working with them,”
said Dr. Z Teo of The Aivee Institute.


“Now, Lasers have gone so far in this industry and a lot of it is because of you two, Cherryl, Doron and SpectruMed. They really, really take care of us. We love their service. We love having them as business partners,” said Cristalle Belo-Pitt of the Belo Medical Group.


Accent Prime Video

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