Accent Prime

Accent Prime™ is Alma Laser’s most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.


FemiLift is a comprehensive treatment solution that can be performed in an outpatient setting with no need for anesthesia and no pain, achieving immediate improvement with lasting results.

Harmony XL

Harmony XL is the world’s most sold multi-application platform for aesthetic treatments.

Harmony XL PRO

Harmony XL Pro is a powerful, all-inclusive treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs.

Legato II

Accent Ultra V is an advanced workstation for body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.

LipoLife 3G

LipoLife 3G is the third generation of Alma Laser's liposuction solution offering maximum safety and proven clinical success.



BrightTonix has developed a novel low power radio-frequency (RF) Y10 system that can remove stains from teeth enamel resulting in whiter teeth.


Reveal Imager

The Reveal Imager clearly shows your client what is between her and the beautiful appearance she desires: sun damage, brown spots, red areas and more.

Vectra XT

Combining a clean, elegant design with unparalleled functionality, VECTRA XT is Canfield’s flagship 3D imaging system.


Transforming skin care practices worldwide, VISIA’s advanced technology provides meaningful skin evaluations, on-screen and printed reports, and tracks treatment progress.


Hyfrecator 2000

The Hyfrecator® is a multi-function electrosurgical generator with both monopolar and bipolar modes, self-diagnostics, and recall of stored power settings.



Cellulaze™ is the only minimally invasive laser procedure for the long-term treatment of the appearance of cellulite, with 3-year follow-up data.


Cynergy features gold-standard wavelengths for treating vascular and pigmented lesions, plus exclusive MultiPlex™ technology.

Elite MPX

Elite MPX is a laser hair removal and rejuvenating system that combines 755 nm and 1064 nm with exclusive MultiPlex™ technology to treat all skin types.

Emerge™ Fractional Laser

Emerge™ treats pigmented lesions and mild to moderate wrinkles, which helps improve the look and feel of the skin.

Icon™ Aesthetic Platform

The Icon system provides the most requested aesthetic treatments with many patented innovations.

MedLite C6

MedLite® C6’s proven Electro Optic Q-Switched technology enables fast and efficient treatments on all skin types for a broad range of applications.



The Forma system is a non-invasive safe and effective device for medical and aesthetic treatments based on innovative IPL and RF technologies using a choice of five different applicators and several types of energy to treat a wide array of skin conditions.

Forma Magma

The Magma workstation is integrating 3 top technologies; Diode laser, Nd: Yag wavelength laser & IPL (intense pulsed light).

Forma Magma Spark

Taking permanent hair reduction procedures to the next level, the MAGMA Spark 808nm Diode Laser device features astonishing treatment speeds, tailored treatment approaches, contact cooling and zero down time, making it the ultimate choice for the modern clinic.


Forma Light is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device for hair removal, photorejuvenation, pigmented lesions, skin whitening, general pigmentation and active acne.


Dynamis Pro

At the heart of Dynamis laser systems are two lasers with complementary wavelengths: Nd:YAG with the most homogeneous penetration for effective deep thermal treatments, and Er:YAG with the highest absorption for ablative and non-ablative superficial treatments.


LightWalker lasers are designed for ultimate versatility, with one of the most comprehensive lists of clinical applications available on any dental laser.


High-energy, single-pulse Q-switched technology produces a powerful yet safe photomechanical effect to effectively remove pigments.

SP Spectro

SP Spectro systems offers true 3rd Generation Er:YAG laser skin resurfacing. Like using an artist’s palette, you can precisely mix and match cold ablation and thermal effects to achieve perfect results.


StarWalker’s third-generation technology provides highest power and treatment capability in the most advanced and the most compact design.



Doublo Gold is the latest HIFU system for safe and effective non-invasive face lifting and body contouring.


The world's number one focused ultrasound machine.


HydraFacial Allegro System

HydraFacial™ takes non-ablative facial rejuvenation to a whole new level.

HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD® is a hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously making it the premier skincare treatment worldwide.


Perk™ is a comprehensive approach to skincare, merging an in-office exfoliation service with an advanced daily application of take-home products.



The Sapphire 3® Oxylight® integrates the most-requested applications in one system to maximize skin and body treatment.


Cellular Matrix

Cellular Matrix is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic medicine that combines two treatment concepts in one for natural results.


A-PRP (Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma) is received from patients own blood in order to biostimulate skin cells.



The ARTAS® System enables physicians to harvest healthy follicular units in a minimally invasive procedure.


Elos Plus

elōs Plus, the ultimate multi application platform, provides a full range of the most in demand applications.

GentleMax Pro

Designed to deliver high performance treatment capabilities, the GentleMax Pro integrated aesthetic platform offers more speed, power and treatment versatility than any other multi-wavelength laser system.

GentleYAG Pro-U™

Our GentleYAG Pro-U™ features multiple handpieces capable of treating the most sought after cosmetic conditions on all skin types and is also effective on darker skin.


PicoWay™ is a remarkably innovative dual wavelength picosecond laser from Syneron Candela, the most trusted name in aesthetic lasers. PicoWay™ enables removal of multi-colored tattoos, recalcitrant tattoos and benign pigmented lesions on any skin type.


Uniquely, Profound is clinically proven to create 3 vital skin elements: elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These major skin building blocks work to create dermal volume.

UltraShape Power

UltraShape Power is a complete solution for non-invasive body shaping.



ThermiRF is a unique thermistor-regulated radiofrequency technology designed to safely produce excellent aesthetic outcomes through the application of the science of heat.


Venus Freeze Plus

Venus Freeze is an all-in-one, medical-grade solution that will satisfy your patients and deliver an impressive return on investment.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy™ is the first and only FDA cleared device to utilize 4D® technology, combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) and VariPulse™ technologies (VP) with RealTime Thermal Feedback.

Venus Viva

Venus Viva™ is safe for all skin types and operates with the revolutionary NanoFractional RF™ and SmartScan™technology that allows heated zone density control and unique pattern generation.