01 Overview

World's No. 1 Focused Ultrasound

Reliable Focused Ultrasound Mechanism for Face and Body treatment. Easy control and simple design with full function to treat face and body in one device.

02 Details

Sophisticated Design and Rapid Shot Speed
The simple and luxurious design builds up it’s reputation one step further. In addition, the double time rapid shot speed accommodates reduced treatment time.
Customized Optimal 5 Cartridges for Satisfying Patient’s Needs
The brand new Doublo-M consists of 5 optimal cartridges according to different targeting areas wherever in the face and body.  Various targeting depth of Doublo-M cartridges satisfy different needs of face and body treatments. Provides accurate treatments for both face and body.
Double Safety with Safety Contact Sensor
For improved safety S.C.S (Safety Contact Sensor)was added on a cartridge to prevent small shot scratches. S.C.S senses whether a cartridge is perfectly contacted to skin which is naturally curved. Treatment shot would not work if the contact is not complete. S.C.S ensures full skin contact and prevents any small scratches.
Hironic Co.,Ltd is a leading medical device manufacturer, taking the top position in the domestic market shares in the sector of HIFU lifting devices and Cryo-fat reduction devices. It ambitiously presents variety of new products with substantive R&D investment, such as Skin Lifting devices (Doublo Series), Cryo-Fat Reduction devices (MICOOL Series), Total Trouble Skin Solution device (Miraclear Plus) which resulted in exposure and utilization of its devices in approximately 2,000 sites over the globe at present with significant recognition as a global standardized Medical & Aesthetic device.