01 Overview

Proven Reliability

RevLite™ recognized as the “gold standard” Q-switched Nd:YAGlaser, RevLite™ features a multi-wavelength system that offers superior efficacy for laser tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, and skin rejuvenation. It also allows for greater power and comfort.

With advanced versatility, the RevLite™ laser machine enables you to target a full spectrum of tattoo inks, as well as perform winkle reduction, acne scar reduction, and non-ablative skin resurfacing. It is also effective in addressing pigmented lesions, such as melasma.

02 Details

PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™ (PTP) for enhanced power and versatility.

RevLite™ uses advanced and patented Photoacoustic Technology Pulse(PTP®): a one-of-a-kind dispersion of energy that provides very narrow pulse widths at optimal power, for better efficiency in removing unwanted pigment. The PTP® mode is proven to offer enhanced efficacy and patient comfort for skin rejuvenation.

Skin Rejuvenation

RevLite™ gently penetrates the skin to promote new collagen, resulting in a smoother texture and reduced pore size, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Pigment Treatment

The laser light breaks the melanin into micro-particles, removing dark spots, such as discolored patches and freckles.

Tattoo Removal

The RevLite™ features four wavelengths to target a wide range of colors, including sky blue and green, where the laser light gently vibrates and breaks the ink into micro-particles.

Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. Our products are used to provide a diverse range of treatment applications such as hair removal, skin revitalization and scar reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular lesions.

As a physician or aesthetic business owner, we believe that you will find that aesthetic laser applications are a logical extension of your current service offering. In fact, acquiring the requisite knowledge and capabilities to provide aesthetic laser applications may simply require “tweaking” your existing skill set.