01 Overview

Deliver Professional Teeth Whitening Results

BrightTonix has developed a novel low power radio-frequency (RF) Y10 system that can remove stains from teeth enamel resulting in whiter teeth. Our revolutionary teeth whitening treatment enables beauticians to deliver professional teeth whitening results for the first time. Only 15 minutes, no preparation or home-follow-up treatment, Y10 by BrightTonix makes teeth whitening a fast and simple procedure for you and your clients.

02 Details

Y10 is a unique, safe and effective alternative to hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments currently used in dental clinics. As Y10 is peroxide free, the risks and associated side effects of teeth sensitivity and gum soreness are eliminated.



Y10 designed for effective, safe and easy solution

Y10 is an effective and painless whitening treatment procedure. The portable design of Y10 makes it ideal for moving around your salon. Your clients will love the minty toothpaste flavour, and the clean and simple technique.

+ Specially formulated safe whitening toothpaste

+ Fits all, ergonomic, disposable mouthpiece

+ Easy to operate control device

Mouth refreshing

The combination of Peppermint in Y10 toothpaste and RF current lead to mouth refreshing sensation.

Teeth whitening

Provides remarkable improvement of several shade degrees in accordance with the common shading grading.

Gums Rejuvination

The unique combination between RF current and unique Y10 toothpaste ingredients are magnifying and accelerating these processes.


BrightTonix Medical Ltd is a medical device company located in Israel. The company’s breakthrough, Y10 whitening system aims to help dental practitioners and beauticians more efficiently, safely and effectively whiten teeth. The company is led by industry veterans from the aesthetic devices field, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals.