01 Overview

Deliver Professional Teeth Whitening Results

BrightTonix has developed a novel low power radio-frequency (RF) Y10 system that can remove stains from teeth enamel resulting in whiter teeth. Our revolutionary teeth whitening treatment enables beauticians to deliver professional teeth whitening results for the first time. Only 15 minutes, no preparation or home-follow-up treatment, Y10 by BrightTonix makes teeth whitening a fast and simple procedure for you and your clients.

02 Details

Y10 is a unique, safe and effective alternative to hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments currently used in dental clinics. As Y10 is peroxide free, the risks and associated side effects of teeth sensitivity and gum soreness are eliminated.



Y10 designed for effective, safe and easy solution

Y10 is an effective and painless whitening treatment procedure. The portable design of Y10 makes it ideal for moving around your salon. Your clients will love the minty toothpaste flavour, and the clean and simple technique.

Y10 is Faster

Employs a low power radiofrequency (RF) technology to remove stains from teeth enamel and rejuvenates the oral cavity in a relatively short period of time.

Y10 is Brighter

Y10 can effectively whiten any teeth shade while successfully creating an anti aging effect to the teeth and gums, creating a brighter smile.

Y10 is Safer

Research and current surveys taken by patients show that current teeth whitening methods may cause many undesirable side effects such as:
• Pain and sensitivity

• Tooth surface roughening and softening • Increased potential for demineralisation • Increased risk of tooth fracture
• Degradation of dental restorations

• Unacceptable color change of dental restorations

Y10 Eliminates these risks while creating a rejuvenation effect without any pain or damage to the oral cavity and without using any harmful materials.

+ Specially formulated safe whitening toothpaste

+ Fits all, ergonomic, disposable mouthpiece

+ Easy to operate control device


Mouth refreshing

The combination of Peppermint in Y10 toothpaste and RF current lead to mouth refreshing sensation.

Teeth whitening

Provides remarkable improvement of several shade degrees in accordance with the common shading grading.

Gums Rejuvination

The unique combination between RF current and unique Y10 toothpaste ingredients are magnifying and accelerating these processes.

How it works

BTonix_HP sample
Btonix_How it works

The Y10 Mouthpiece has an innovative structure, that fits all mouth sizes.

The bipolar structure of the electrodes, which are placed in each side of the Y10 mouthpiece, maintain the RF wave’s volume, for a safe procedure.

Y10 Toothpaste covers the teeth inside the Y10 mouthpiece

The RF current is generated at 7MHz, a high frequency wave, which cannot penetrate the internal tissue and cause any damage.


Y10’s Bipolar radio frequency utilizes symmetric and closely placed electrodes to pass an RF low current through a de ned volume.

High Frequency

The Y10 system generates a high frequency of 7 MHz, which cannot deeply penetrate the tissue and therefore is safe, preventing any risk or damage to the internal tissue.


The mouthpiece has a bipolar structure due to the placement of 2 electrodes close together inside the mouthpiece, which causes the current to be limited to the desirable volume between those 2 electrodes, for a safe procedure.


BrightTonix Medical Ltd is a medical device company located in Israel. The company’s breakthrough, Y10 whitening system aims to help dental practitioners and beauticians more efficiently, safely and effectively whiten teeth. The company is led by industry veterans from the aesthetic devices field, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals.