01 Overview

Innovation Drives Us. The Future Inspires Us.

PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond laser for multiple aesthetic treatment applications. PicoSure® delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact or patented PressureWave™. Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, enabling photomechanical impact to shatter targets without injury to the surrounding skin.

02 Details

Multiple treatment applications:

  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Melasma Management
  • PicoToning™
  • Acne Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Tattoo Removal

Unprecedented innovation

  • 755 nm wavelength
  • 550-750 picosecond pulse duration
  • Boost™ for 70% pressure increase
  • FOCUS™ Lens Array

Only PicoSure™ uniquely treats pigment, melasma acne scars and textural inconsistencies with FocusTM

Offering high patient satisfaction, this practice differentiating procedure is comfortable, quick and easy to perform.

  • Impressive results, virtually no downtime
  • Pigment, tone and textural improvements
  • Safety and efficacy in all skin types

Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. Our products are used to provide a diverse range of treatment applications such as hair removal, skin revitalization and scar reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular lesions.

As a physician or aesthetic business owner, we believe that you will find that aesthetic laser applications are a logical extension of your current service offering. In fact, acquiring the requisite knowledge and capabilities to provide aesthetic laser applications may simply require “tweaking” your existing skill set.